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Available languages: Japanese, Mandarin and English

At A To Z Language Centre, not only do we offer to send our teachers right up to your company’s doorstep, the teachers themselves also make sure that every student’s needs, or anything pertaining to their schedules, levels and requests are all thoroughly seen to. We also offer business training for specific purposes.

Who are the courses for?

middle-management executives
top-management executives
people who are about to be stationed abroad in the near future on either a short term or long term basis

How do the courses work?

a comprehensive level-by-level syllabus, accompanied by material and method, starting from the very basics of the language right up to advanced levels
students’ levels to be assessed via an examination at the end of each level
schedule and pacing of classes to be negotiated with the client
special requirements, if any, to be negotiated with the client and a custom-made course will then be designed making use of both core textbooks and our in-house materials

What are the benefits to you?

more effective business communication
reaching specific business needs and aims
a well-balanced course that is flexible and prioritizes the clients’ needs

Other courses available:

We also offer customized business training courses. Call us to let us know what you require and through comprehensive discussions, we shall draw an assessment from there.

Here are what some of the people who have experienced our service have to say:


Ikuro Yoshizumi, Director of Medipro Mfg. (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Thanks to the lesson content reports diligently sent to me each week, I’m kept aware of my employees' progress every step of the way.

I’m extremely happy with A To Z Language Centre’s modus operandi of taking in suggestions and requests made based on their client’s target.

Malaysians have a talent to absorb what they learn very fast. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of that by letting our local staff learn Japanese. I find that knowing the language comes in very useful for both the staff and the company when it comes to dealing with customers. This plays a major role in our effort of widening our customer base.

At present, some of our customers’ feedbacks include being pleasantly surprised by how fluently our local staffs greet them in Japanese, and how much smoother their business transactions with us have become.


Mr. Tooru Aoki, Ex-Managing Director of Canon Machinery (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Our company has been hiring the teaching services of A To Z Language Centre to conduct in-house Japanese lessons since October 2004.

The ability to smoothly communicate with company head offices in Japan is highly valued, especially in the technological industry. It is the fervent wish of most companies that our staffs gain that ability, which is why we at Canon, decided to give our staff the opportunity to learn our language.


If you would like for your staff to be able to communicate better with their colleagues and your clients, we have what they need to do exactly that. Do give us a call to find out the details of our available corporate courses. Our contact information is available here.
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