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The Intercultural Institute of Japan is a renowned Japanese language school with schools in the hub of Tokyo. It has schools in Akihabara (Tokyo's discount electronics store district) and Iidabashi (a major interchange station in the middle of Tokyo).


A To Z is proud to be the only official affiliate of the Intercultural Institute of Japan in Malaysia.

Courses offered at the Intercultural Institute of Japan:
Long-term course
Weekly course
Intensive Business
Part-time course
Private & Company
Summer and Winter Courses are also available at the Intercultural Institute of Japan.
Please refer to our Latest News for updates.

For more info, visit http://www.incul.com/eng/


What A To Z can do for you:

1. We can help with the filling in of the registration form.
2. We will help you with any enquiries about the school, accommodation etc. you have.
3. We will guide you through the visa application process.
Japanese Preparation Course at A To Z

We offer Japanese Intensive Courses which cover Basic and Intermediate Levels for students who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of Japanese or improve their Japanese within a short period of time.

For more info, go to Japanese Intensive Course


JET Academy is located in front of Itabashi Station (near Ikebukuro), Tokyo. It has been appointed as a ‘Preparatory School’ and is able to supervise student who wish to enter universities in Japan. In Japan, students are required to have 12 years of formal education before entering university. JET Academy can provide Malaysian students who receive only 11 years of education after high school with the extra year of preparation before university.

Many of JET’s students have passed the JLPT tests and also gone on to study in several universities all over Japan.



College Preparatory Course
- 1 year (starting in April), 1 and a half years (starting in October) or 2 years (starting in April) preparation course to enter undergraduate or graduate course at Japanese university.

Japanese Course (starting in April / October)
-1 year Japanese language course aiming to achieve Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (N1) or Level 2 (N2).

Short Term Course (starting in April / October)
- Consists of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Japanese Classes for a short term period.

For more info please visit http://jet.ac.jp/en/index.html



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