Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship 2020

  1. Print out and fill in the registration form.
  2. Submit the registration form with the required documents to A to Z Language Centre (Damansara) by hand or courier (hard-copy required).
  3. A to Z Language Centre will contact you through e-mail upon receiving your application.
  4. If the number of applications exceeds the intended limit, a preliminary interview may be conducted. Applicants will be informed through email should there be a preliminary interview.
  5. A to Z Language Centre will inform all short-listed candidates in August, latest 1 (one) week before the day of the interview.

For more information, please contact Regina Teh @ (+60)3-7728-4662 or (+60)11-366-98-366.

1. Scholarship provided
Name of scholarship: Kyouritsu-Mentenansu-Shougakukikin-Shougakukin
Amount: JPY ¥60,000 every month
Duration: April 2020 – March 2021
Types of schools: Japanese Language School
No. of scholarship available: 2
2. Eligibility & Requirements:
  • Applicants must be Malaysians.
  • Applicants must have passed OR have the Japanese proficiency level of JLPT N4 and above.
    *A copy of your most recent the JLPT certificate or Japanese school exam certificate is required.
  • Those who wish to enroll and study in a Japanese Language School in Japan in April 2020.
  • Graduated secondary school (by 2020).
  • The selected scholarship recipients are required to submit 2 reports in a year (within 800 words) as instructed by the organization (further details will be given).
3. Application process
Submit the following documents to A to Z Language Centre (Damansara)
  1. Registration form. (Download)
  2. Passport size photo (proper photo, white background ONLY)
  3. IC copy
  4. A copy of your most recent JLPT certificate (N4 and above) or Japanese Language School Certificate indicating your Japanese proficiency level. *Recommendation letter should be written by your school principal, head of department, mentor or teacher.
    *Applications with incomplete documents will not be processed. Documents submitted will not be returned.
  5. Please submit all documents by hand or courier to

    A to Z Language Centre (Damansara)
    (person-in-charge: Regina Teh)
    70B, Jalan SS21/62,
    Damansara Utama,
    47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    TEL: 03-7728-4662 / 011-366-98-366

4. Registration period:

All applications must be submitted to A to Z Language Centre by 5th JULY 2019.

*Late submissions will not be entertained.

5. Process
  1. A to Z Language Centre will inform applicants on the preliminary interview (if any).
       i. Short-listed candidates from the preliminary interview will be informed in the month of August 2019.
       ii. All information and enquiries are handled by A to Z Language Centre (Damansara).
  2. Details on the Final Interview
    Date: 22nd August 2019 (Thursday)
    Time: Interview @ 09:30am onwards (conducted in Japanese)
    Results announcement at 10:30am, event expected to end by 12:00pm.
    Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur
    *Decisions made by the interviewers will be final.
  1. Are online applications accepted?

    No. You are required to send to us the original application form (hand-written) together with the required documents by hand or courier.

  2. Why isn’t there an online application option for this?

    Because all information has to be filled-in by hand (hand-written) on the application form, including the recommendation letter written by your school principal, head of department, mentor or teacher.

  3. I’ve never taken JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). Can I still apply for this?

    Yes. However, you are expected to have the Japanese proficiency level of JLPT N4 and above. Please take note that if you are short-listed, the final interview will be conducted entirely in Japanese.

  4. I’ve never taken JLPT, but I can speak simple Japanese. How can I check if I am eligible?

    You can give a try at the sample questions provided in JLPT’s official homepage.

    To put it simply, you have to be able to do the following tasks in Japanese:

    1. Able to introduce yourself and give detailed information.
      I was born in Johor but my family moved to Kuala Lumpur when I was 9 years old due to my father’s job. 
    2. Able to give reasons for decisions, justify and explain.
      Takana could not make it to the party because his son is not feeling well. Takana is taking his son to the hospital.
    3. Able to listen and comprehend conversations about topics regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations, and can pick up necessary information from short conversations.
  5. Can I enroll for a course in a university in Japan through this scholarship?

    No. This scholarship is only applicable for those who would like to enroll and study in a  Japanese Language School in Japan. 

  6. I am not able to attend the interview on 22nd August due to certain reasons.  Is an online-interview (exp: Skype) or a request to change the day of interview possible?

    No. If you are not able to attend the interview on 22nd August (after being short-listed), you will be disqualified automatically. 

  7. Can I leave right after the interview (before announcement of results)?

    No. You are required to stay throughout the event as the scholarship awarding ceremony will be held during the results announcement.  Leaving right after the interview may result in automatic-disqualification (if you are chosen to receive the scholarship, it will be withdrawn and given to the next qualified participant).