The 4th Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Print out and fill in the application form.
  2. Submit the form with the required documents (hard-copy) to A to Z Language Centre (Damansara) by hand or courier.
  3. A to Z Language Centre will send a confirmation e-mail upon receiving your application.
  4. A to Z Language Centre will keep you updated and the contest voucher will be sent to you before the day of competition.
For more information, please contact AKIKO NISHIO @ 03-7728 4662 (office) or 017-336 0025 (mobile).
  1. Applicants must be a Malaysian citizen.
  2. Applicants who have passed JLPT N4 OR have the Japanese proficiency level of JLPT N4 and above.
  3. Able to participate in the winning tour to Japan on 20th to 27th January 2019 if selected as one of the winners.
  4. Able to obtain VISA to enter Japan.

  1. Documents required:
    1. Application form (original hard-copy, hand-written or typed)
    2. IC Copy
    3. Passport size photo (proper photo, white background only)
    * All submitted documents will not be returned.
  2. Application period: 7th May (Monday) - 31th July (Tuesday) 2018
  3. Closing date: 31th July 2018 (Tuesday)
  4. Please submit all documents by hand or courier to:
    A to Z Language Centre (Damansara)
    70B, Jalan SS21/62,
    Damansara Utama,
    47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    TEL: 03-7728-4662 / 017-336-00025
    * last updated on 17th July 2018

  1. Grand prize: 8 Days 7 Nights All Expenses Paid Tour to Tokyo, Japan. (5 winners)
    Date: 20th - 27th January 2019
    Itinerary: Introduction tour to the Japanese education system, short trips, free-and-easy group activities, etc.
  2. Consolation prize: Japanese traditional gift (15 winners)

  1. All participants are required to answer 30 MCQs in the preliminary round.
    * all questions will be read out loud by the host.
  2. 15 - 20 participants will advance to the final round, where they will be asked to prepare a 3-minute speech based on the topics given.
  3. The topics will only be announced on the day of the competition.
  4. 5 finalists will be chosen to represent Malaysia for the trip to Tokyo, Japan.
4th Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur
Date: 6 September 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00pm onwards
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur,
183, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur.
  1. What are the 30 MCQs based on?

    There is no specific topic/genre that the MCQs are based on.
    For the sample of the questions from previous years, please refer to: Example

  2. Can I know the theme/topics for the speech so that I could prepare in advance?

    The theme for the speech will only be announced on the contest day itself.

  3. Can I use English (or any other languages/dialects) while giving the speech?

    No. Participants are only allowed to use Japanese during the contest.

  4. What time will this event end?

    The contest is expected to end latest by 17:00 (5pm).

  5. I have never taken the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT); can I still participate?

    Yes. As long as you have the Japanese proficiency level of JLPT N4 and above, you are eligible for the contest.

  6. I've never taken JLPT, but I can speak a little because I love animes/ I have Japanese friends/ I used to attend Japanese classes/ I'm learning Japanese now.How can I check to see if I have the proficiency level of someone who has passed JLPT N4?

    You can give a try at the sample questions provided in JLPT's official homepage.
    Click Here

    To put it simply, you have to be able to describe the followings in Japanese:

    1. Able to introduce yourself and give detailed information.
      I was born in Johor but my family moved to Kuala Lumpur when I was 9 years old due to my father's job.
    2. Able to give reasons for decisions, justify and explain.
      Takana could not make it to the party because his son is not feeling well. Takana is taking his son to the hospital.
    3. Able to listen and comprehend conversations about topics regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations, and can pick up necessary information from short conversations.


  7. If I am one of the winners for the trip, can I go to Japan on another day/ time instead?

    No. If you are not able to go to Japan on the mentioned dates, your prize will be forfeited.

  8. If I am one of the winners for the trip, can I plan my own itinerary instead of following what was planned?

    No. You are required to follow the itinerary given by the organizers. Due to safety reasons, all participants are also required to move in groups during "free & easy sessons".

  9. I took part in the Nihongo Taiken Contest last year; can I participate again this year?

    As long you were not one of the winners who won the trip to Japan in the previous contests, you are allowed to participate again this year.