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■ Japanese Group Class

■ Course Fees

(per level)
1RM477.0024 hours
(12 lessons)
2 - 3RM477.0026 hours
(13 lessons)
4 - 8RM530.0028 hours
(14 lessons)
9 - 10RM530.0026 hours
(13 lessons)
*New student
Registration Fee (one-time): RM30

■ Conditions

1.  The commencement date of the class will be postponed if the number of students is less than six (6).

2.   Registration must be made at least one week in advance and all other payments must be cleared before the commencement of the first lesson.

3.  All class times are fixed. (Once-a-week, 2 hours long)

4.  Syllabus contents are fixed.

5.  Level 2 onwards will continue straight away after the previous level is finished. (if there are enough students)


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👤 Ms. Sumiko Hattori
📞 017-383-6740

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Skyline City 80-2,
Lintang Sungai Pinang,
10150 Penang.


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