Sri Petaling

No.9, Endah Gateway Avenue, Jalan 2/149B
Taman Sri Endah, 57000, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.
Monday - Sunday: 9:00 - 21:30
Mr. Keiichi Horiike (Branch Manager)
03-9054 4170 / 019-2909 531(Ms.Jesy)
About our branch  
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Intensive course 
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Course is 18th,Mar,2020 ~ 8th,Sep,2020

The feature of our intensive course

1.Small class (maximum 8 students in the classroom)

  • Increase individual speaking opportunities in small classes.
  • The teacher can give detailed guidance to each student.
  • The number of participants are small, classes can be advanced quickly.

2.Teacher fixed system

  • Do not share classes with multiple teachers, an experienced teacher will be in charge of the class.
  • Since there is no transfer of multiple teachers, daily classes start smoothly.
  • Teachers can easily understand the pros and cons of each student.

3.Abundant class materials

  • We are creating teaching materials for Malaysian learners.
  • We have prepared teaching materials that will help you learn Japanese naturally.
  • We Use teaching materials that can be used efficiently.

4.Moderate class duration

  • Classes are 2.5 hours per day. It’s not too long so it’s easy to digest lesson content
  • Study 5chapter in 10days. Use 1day for each section review before Exam of each levels.
  • Time for review and examination commentary will be provided, so the lesson content can be deeply established.

Qualification to apply for Intensive Course

Classes are conducted every day from Monday to Friday, total of 2.5 hours a day and each level will take 11 days to complete.  And you can reach N4 level in 6months.

grammar building, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation.
Exam will be conducted at the end of each level.
Options of furthering studies in Japan are available.
Options of a follow-up course with an affiliate school in Japan.

This course is ideal for:
Students who are on long holidays.
School leavers and graduates who are waiting to further studies.
Those who are in the middle of job hunting.
Students who wish to further studies in Japan.
Housewives and people who have flexible working hours.

Course Fees

RM530 / Level (Included registration fee and materia fee).

Course Schedule for intensive course

Intake in March,2020

Course is 18th,Mar,2020 ~ 8th,Sep,2020

You can complete minna no nihongo L1-L50

Schedule of intensive course…

 Level 1 (18th,Mar – 1st,Apr)

 Level 2 (2nd,Apr – 16th,Apr)

 Level 3 (17th,Apr – 4th,May)

 Level 4 (5th,May – 20st,May)

 Level 5 (21st,Jun – 17th,Jun)

 Level 6 (19th,Jun – 3rd,Jul)

 Level 7 (6th,Jul – 20th,Jul)

 Level 8 (21th,Jul – 5th,Aug)

 Level 9 (6th,Aug – 21st,Aug)

 Level 10 (24th,Aug – 11th,Sep)

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Up coming classes!!

Private lesson 
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Time available for new students....
Available slots is limited!!
Please make a booking early!!

8:00-9:30 (Mon)
13:30-15:30 (Mon)
16:30-18:00 (Mon)
13:30-15:30 (Tue)
16:30-18:00 (Tue)
8:00-9:30 (Fri)

Kids class 
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Class timeing

Week day 17:00-18:30
Weekends (Sat)


Private Lesson (Japanese / English)


Lessons can be scheduled according to your requirements, 
and contents can be tailored according to your target.
Our private lesson also provide a higher level of interactivity
within the classroom as chances to speak are increased among
a smaller group of people.

  6-hours package 12-hours package 24-hours package
1 person RM480
2 persons RM660 RM1,260 RM2,400
3 persons RM810 RM1,560 RM3,000



Group Class (Japanese Language)


Level 1
This course is for first time learners. You will learn Hiragana,
Vocabulary and basic Grammar in this course.
Method of Teaching: Teach target language by using Japanese
Main textbook: Minna no nihongo
Teacher: Native Japanese
2h X 12 Lessons

Course Style
Night & Weekend 
This course is for learner who want to learn after their work or school hour.
Learning Japanese at a slightly slower pace for only once a week at night time.

Next intake
5th,Dec,2019 (Thu) 19:30-21:30

Fees for course

Package Lesson fee  Textbook Registration Total amount
Level 1 - Level 5 (N5)
( 2hours x 12 lessons
for each level ) 
RM450 ( each level ) RM50
(only first time)
Level 6 - Level 10 (N4)
( 2hours x 12 lessons
for each level ) 
RM450 ( each level ) RM50 - RM500


Class for Kids!!
☆Japanese Group Class for kids


Japanese language for young children emphasize on active learning environment
through songs and audio visual materials in class.
Children be able to identify Hiragana, Katakana, functional expressions,
making requests, asking permission.
Exploring into another culture and languages with fun learning tasks. 
Lesson fees RM180 ( 1.5hrs x 4days )
Registration fee RM0 (Promotion !! )
Material fees RM20
Total amount RM200


☆English Class for kids☆
With small children, there is no need to explicitly teach grammar rules, but instead get them used to hearing and using different grammatical structures in context. Hearing the grammar being used in context from an early age will help your child to use it naturally when they are older.

Lesson fees RM180 ( 1.5hrs x 4days )
Registration fees RM0 (Promotion !!)
Material fees RM20
Total amount RM200