Japanese Group Course Fee

We are introducing a ticket system.

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30 Tickets (45 hours)15 Tickets (22.5 hours)

*1 Lesson (1h 30mins) requires 1 ticket. (Applies for all courses)

Registration fee RM30

*One time only; for new students

Textbook RM50

*Per course


1) Validity of Purchased Packages:

30-Ticket Packages: 12 months

15-Ticket Packages: 6 months

2) Learners are allowed to retake the same lesson which they have already taken on another
available day or time, subject to the Terms & Conditions required by the school. Following which, he/she is
required to make a reservation using one (1) ticket for one (1) lesson, three (3) days prior to the lesson.

3) Private Supplementary Lessons require two (2) tickets for one (1) lesson with the duration of 1hr 30mins.

4) Payment made is non-refundable. The school is not under the obligation to accept ticket refund requests
due to learners' personal circumstances.