April 2019 – March 2020 Intake  

  1. Student of A to Z Language Centre.
  2. Can hold a basic conversation in Japanese regardless of JLPT qualification.
    (Refer to FAQs section for more information)
  3. Interested and intend to work in the F&B industry. 
  4. Able to work part-time at Yoshinoya (Malaysia) at the mentioned time period.
February – 2 March
  • Application Period
  • Interview
  • Results Announcement
  • Preparation of documents (INCUL)
  • Work part-time at Yoshinoya (Malaysia)
  • Study daily at A to Z Language Centre
  • 2nd Interview & Results Announcement
  • Apply for student’s VISA upon receiving COE
  • Fly off to Tokyo, Japan at the end of March
  • Study daily at Intercultural Institute of Japan
  • Work part-time at Yoshinoya (Japan)
  • Completion of program
  1. Is this scholarship program available at all A to Z Language Centres in Malaysia?

    No. This scholarship program is only available at A to Z Language Centre (Damansara Branch).

  2. Can I choose NOT to work for Yoshinoya (Malaysia) prior to leaving for Japan?

    No. You are required to work part-time at Yoshinoya (Malaysia) while waiting for the VISA approval.
    *Further details will be given later.

  3. Do I get paid while working for Yoshinoya Malaysia & Japan?

    Yes. Details pertaining to the job will only be provided later.

  4. Can I choose to study in any other language schools in Japan?

    No. If chosen as the scholarship receiver, you are only allowed to study at Intercultural Institute of Japan.

  5. I might not be able to leave Malaysia during the mentioned time-period for certain reasons. Can I choose to go to Japan at another time instead?

    Please contact the person-in-charge as soon as possible for further discussion.

  6. Am I required to work for Yoshinoya (Malaysia or Japan) after completing the program?

    No. You are free to decide your path when this program ends.
    If you intend to work in Japan, please take note that working visa could only be issued to those fulfilling the following requirements:

    1. Passed JLPT N2 and above
    2. Bachelor’s Degree or Special-skill(s) Certificate holder

  7. Can I study in a Japanese university after this?

    Yes. However, please take note that the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

    1. Passed JLPT N2 and above
    2. Have completed 12 years of primary & secondary education in FULL

For further enquiries, please contact Regina Teh at regina_syt@atozlanguage.com or 011-366-98-366.